Joy at work

My childhood was spent wandering the fields and creeks of rural Pennsylvania, alone with Nature's patterns of light, line, movement and mass. These early years allowed an unconscious absorption of organic forms and gestures.

More interested in energies, relationships and spaces than in the specifics of things, abstraction grew naturally in my painting. A lengthy period of study with mentors Judith Hale of Mendocino, CA and Judy Sohigian of Taos, NM instilled in me a love and respect for the process of following the materials themselves as they speak their unique language. It is a constant source of fascination how one's inner life and growth manifests in one's work.

To create surface textures in which the eye can roam and be nourished, I utilize underpainting, collage, scrubbing and lifting off, monoprinting, glazing and pouring in layers of acrylic medium. I work on canvas, panel, and paper using tools such as rags, sponges, brayers, brushes, trowels, color shapers, and fingers! An intuitive use of color and a love of organic forms creates a field of possibilities and discovery.

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